Hello friends, today I’m going to show you how to create a QR code, first I’m going to show you quickly how to create a black and white standard QR code,

but then I’m going to show you how to add colors and images to your QR codes.

So let’s get started, the very first thing that you need to do is just open a browser window, and we’re going to navigate to the QR Generator page,qr code generator URL

first of all, Ten-tools QR Code generator is by far one of the best websites out there to create QR codes 100% free. Step one, once you get here you can see that you can choose the type of QR code you want to create now

I’m just going to create a basic website URL but you can see that the Ten-Tools QR Code generator has Bitcoin, SMS, WhatsApp, and other options so select the type of QR code you want to create. Step two is to enter the URL I’ll use for this example and that’s really all we need to do. generating QR code

Now we just press Generate QR code button and we can download the QR code. After it is downloaded I can scan this QR code

anybody can scan this QR code using their mobile phone. So how do you do that? well all you need is an app that scans QR codes on your phone most of the phones have a QR code scanner app integrated into the camera but if it’s not working there are tons of apps freely available on the App Stores for iPhone Android and Windows Phone so just go to the App Store type in “QR code scanner free” and download a free app to scan QR codes. And then you’ll be able to scan this QR code and you can check to see whether it works and it goes where you want it to go before you put it wherever you’re going to put it.

Whether it’s a t-shirt or sticker or link to your website you can create it with a free QR code generator so that’s how you create just a basic black and white QR code, very quickly and easily and like always for free. If you want you can change the color and do a few other modificationsqr code varations

just remember to press generate QR code button. It is very quick and easy, very user-friendly so let’s get to something a little bit more advanced just to mention that you don’t need to create an account if you go to the QR code generator page we can do a little bit more with our QR codes and it’s all for free here in step number one if you click on other types you can see there’s a virtual business

card and we’ll kick into a wizard and you can fill out all information you want to appear after someone scans your QR code

change the color choose your logo, and press Generate QR Code button.v card Qr Code logo and color

if you need the analytics and you’re trying to track those QR codes you can use our free link shortener so that you can see how many people are scanning your QR code.

So that’s how you create a QR code we first made those black and white QR codes then we added some color and images and like always 100% free so I hope you enjoyed this blog post if you do have any questions feel free to leave a comment down below if you’d like, go ahead and scan any of those colored QR codes at the bottom of the screen that’ll get linked to our social media account, thanks so much for reading.

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